MoYou Christmas Collection Plate 04

I have to share with you some of the lovely stamps from my MoYou Festive Collection 04 plate, which I just adore….


This is Chanel Rouge Rubis (the holiday red) with Wet N Wild White Cream stamped onto it.


Essie Mojito Madness stamped with Wet N Wild Black Creme, apologies for the poor clean up, the black stick on everything….


Maybelline Brocades Beam Blue stamped with Wet N Wild White Creme.  This looked my better in my head, I think the base was a bit too light for the white stamp.


Cult Nails Tempest stamped with Chanel Rouge Rubis…. lovely

20131222-105411.jpgFinally, this is Nicole by OPI Keeping up with Santa, stamped with Wet N Wild White Creme and topped with P2 Holo Top Coat.  Sparklemongous!

What do you think?  Which one is your favourite and what colour combinations would you have done?


2 thoughts on “MoYou Christmas Collection Plate 04

  1. I love them! Top one is favourite I think xx


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