Color Show Denim – Styled Out

Happy New Year everyone – hope whatever you get up to you have lots of fun.

Quick post today, we are still working through the polishes I bought in the US.  This is one, from a collection we didn’t get in the UK, is from the Denim Collection and is called Styled Out.

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It really is a seriously denim colour, its so blue, so saturated with colour and a hint of sparkle.  I just love it.  The formula was awesome, it was a one coater – no word of a lie.  It just flowed onto the nail in the most delightful way that made painting my nails just delightful.  What you see above is two coats over a base of G&G Stuck on Blu.  I did top coat with a coat of G&G HK Girl, only to increase wear as I knew it would have to last at least two days.  And it just about got there.  There was a little bit of chipping, mainly where my nail has peeled slightly, but other than that.  I can happily say it passed the test.

I know there are a number of other Denim style polishes out there, including some from George at Asda and Nails Inc.

Do you have any denim polishes?  Let me know what you think in the comments and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


2 thoughts on “Color Show Denim – Styled Out

  1. I like this denim polish.I recently reviewed the beautyuk denim polish which is nice also 🙂 good post xxx


  2. I finally found a Denim polish in Poundland not long ago, but I haven’t had a chance to swatch it yet.


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