New Things I have Spotted #69 – Maybelline Color Show Street Artist Top Coats & Seventeen Gel Polish

Quick Sunday update for you…. I have literally just seen these in my local large Boots store.  These are the new Maybelline Color Show Street Artists.  These are a series of four top coats.  Interestingly, only two of these have ‘Limited Edition’ next to them so they may become part of the permanent line.


So, from the left – 03 Urban Vibe, 04 AlleyAttitude, 01 Boom Box Black & 02 White Splatter.  I’m not sure if the creme ‘Coral Craze’ is new or not, but it is in the stand.  RRP for the Street Artist is £3.99.

Interesting, the colours released in the US are not a cool as ours.  They have five, in red, dark blue, light blue, pink and light green similar to 01 Boom Box Black.  More images and links on Nouveau Cheap and on the US Maybelline site.  Nothing on the Maybelline UK website yet.

I’ve bought all four, so swatches soon and they are on offer in Boots with a buy one get one half price..  Also, in the updated stands, slots and inserts for the (presumably forthcoming) Seventeen Gel Nail Polish.  I’ll keep my eyes peeled for when they hit stores.


Anything catch your eye?


14 thoughts on “New Things I have Spotted #69 – Maybelline Color Show Street Artist Top Coats & Seventeen Gel Polish

  1. The Gel Polish was released the other day, I bought one and I really like it! I’ve swatched it. Definite value for money!!


  2. I need those Maybelline top coats!


    • I’ve just put them on. Loving the white/purple/green one. They are all quite nice! Do you get the ltd ed runs where you are?


      • We get some of them. The Brocade’s were available here but
        the one you sent me was not. New releases aren’t just way behind here but sometimes we don’t even get a lot of the new products. I can’t wait to see your swatches!


  3. The blue street art one looks prettier in the bottle I think. Very interested in the gel ones though 🙂


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  5. I’ve spotted similar polishes at Claire’s Accessories yesterday.


    • Now I haven’t looked in there in ages, must pop in


      • I just popped into Claire’s on the way out of Wood Green shopping city after buying a few Essence polishes from Wilko. Haven’t been to Claire’s in ages myself.
        They do mini bottle sets and full size polish. They have lots of colours / glitters / effects to choose from. Their bottle design reminds me very much of nails inc. I’m not kidding, they have quite a few pretty and unusual polishes.


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