Sally Hansen – Rosey Shooter

And now we have glitter top coats!  You may have noticed in my US haul post, I did pick up a few. This one is Rosey Shooter, from the Rent the Runway Xtreme wear collection by Sally Hansen (see the whole range here on Nouveau Cheap). I am also slightly obsessed with my base coat, KIKO Shade 328, a lovely light gray creme with fab coverage in two coats.  But onto Rosey Shooter

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Rosey Shooter is a mix of red and white glitter.  The red glitter is all metallic, the white appears matte.  There is also white bar glitter in it.  Application is a bit of splodge and spread approach to get good even coverage, but there is quite a lot of clear base so application needs to be careful or your glitters start sliding off as its drying.

I do love this combination, the red and white is a classic colour combination.

What do you think?  Let me know in the comments


2 thoughts on “Sally Hansen – Rosey Shooter

  1. Gorgeous! Rosey Shooter is marvellous!


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