Wet N Wild Mega Rocks – Slap The Bass

Another polish from the number I picked up in the US.  This is one of the new Wet N Wild Megarocks range, a set of glitters in a clear base.

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I popped this one over two coats of KIKO 328, the greatest concrete gray in my collection.  Slightly issues with application, I found as it was drying the glitter would start to slide off my nails.  And I hadn’t put huge thick coats on.  So that was a bit annoying as I kept dripping glitter onto my carpet….. the glitter Vs clear polish level isn’t great, so maybe a series of thin coats with a few bits of glitter to build it up.

Anyway, once it dried it was fine and I do love the aqua/teal colour.  What is your favourite glitter topper?  Let me know in the comments







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