Elevation Polish – Sarychev

Hello everyone, good weekend? Seems they go by so quickly these days, but they certainly are fun!  I have a series of polishes today and over this coming week to share with you.  I have a few that often get used because I am a sucker for Lulu’s creations containing lovely circle glitter.

This one was sent to me from my lovely Polish Picking Princess, knowing that I am a sucker for a gorgeous orange.  Let me introduce you to Sarychev.

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This is the most brilliant orange, a good bright neon leaning orange.  Love it.  What you see above it three thin coats over a base of G&G Stuck on Blu! and then topped with G&G HK Girl to seal it all in and make it shine!  Formula is great, self levelling and good drying time.  I’m going to love this hard – I can tell!

There are several places you can find out more about Elevation polish, first up the blog here and then the actual store (with international shipping).  Polishes do very in price depending on the finish, but usually they are around $8.50, glitter toppers are sometimes more.  Elevation restocks on set dates, more info on the blog and its clear which colours are going to be available or retired.  The website also lists some of the other stockists that sell Elevation.

Do you have any Elevation polishes?  Let me know your faves in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Elevation Polish – Sarychev

  1. Woah! That is bright! Very cheerful


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