New Things I Have Spotted #75 – Nail polish in M&S

Recently, the beauty departments in your local Marks and Spencer have been undergoing a bit of a transformation. Everytime I go into one of our larger stores, something has changed.  They have been introducing all kinds of lines and branded M&S products – including all these nail polish items I Spotted!  this weekend.

Lets take a look!20140224-173526.jpg

Limited Collection double ended nail polishes – one base and one glitter top coat. Designed by Holly Sharpe, currently on 3 for 2 online here. £7.50 each however…..20140224-173532.jpgA range of eight textured polishes – all seen here on the M&S website, £4 each.


Followed by a range of eight glitter or metallic shades, again £4 each, see the website for more.20140224-173545.jpgCertainlny worth checking out the website or your local store if you get a chance – lots of these limited edition shades don’t hang about for long!

Anything catch your eye?  Let me know in the comments

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2 thoughts on “New Things I Have Spotted #75 – Nail polish in M&S

  1. These look really interesting! Nice spot!


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