Zoya – Crystal

Ah, now here is a polish that has been hanging about the in stash for a lonnnnnggggg time.  I bought this when I went to Toronto for the friends wedding in Winter 2010.  Its from the Fire & Ice Collection by Zoya.  This is Crystal

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This is a cool toned blue with gold flecks, it does dry to a foil like finish.  I topped with G&G HK Girl so it was super shiny.  Its very reflective and the light catches it when you have it on your nails.  What you see above is three thin coats over a base of Essence Better Then Gel Nails Base (I’m trying to use up my old bottles in an attempt to tidy up the number of bottles on my nail stand).  Colour opacity does build up, but you will need three coats.

When I pulled out my bottle, separation was quite pronounced, but it shook up well and didn’t separate again whilst I had it out.  A few of my older Zoyas do that, but it certainly doesn’t seem to affect their use or performance.

What do you think?  Like, love or leave?


2 thoughts on “Zoya – Crystal

  1. One of my fave Zoya’s – love it..


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