New Things I Have Spotted #77 – Color Show Crystallize, Rita Ora for Rimmel, Barry M Aquarium Nails & Revlon Rio Rush Spring/Summer ’14

Oh my goodness!  Color Show by Maybelline are at it again!  Another new range – this one appears to be texture polishes.  four shades in total as per all Ltd Ed Color Show releases in Europe.  One of them looks distinctly duochrome-ish, like a textured Downtown Brown….20140313-172657.jpg

From the left,  Nearly Black, Light Up, Red Excess & Rose Chic.  Here you can see what the US might be getting, this includes on that looks very much like Rimmel Space Dust Total Eclipse (a green/blue duochrome)20140313-172703.jpg

Then LOTS of Rita Ora for Rimmel all over the place… stand after stand after stand…


After stand….


After stand….so many shades I can’t be bothered to name them all.  Plus there is NOTHING on the Rimmel website which I think is a bit poor for a HUGE release like this.


Also new on shelves, Barry M Aquarium Nails.  Each ‘set’ is three polishes, two duochromes (a bit like Sally Hansen Lustre Shine polishes ) and one glitter.  Shades are a blue set or a red set.


As you can see, shiny!  From the left, (blue glitter) 1. Mermaid. 2. Treasure Chest. 3.Caspian. 4. Mediterranean. 5.Arabian. 6 Pacific.  Clever naming Barry M, clever naming!


Finally for todays Spotted!  The new Rio Rush Revlon Spring/Summer ’14 insert.  The wrong polishes are in it, but the first one is correct…20140313-172743.jpg

The only correct shade in the stand is Beautiful on the left.


So there we have it, LOTS of new things.  What catches your eye?  Let me know in the comments!

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10 thoughts on “New Things I Have Spotted #77 – Color Show Crystallize, Rita Ora for Rimmel, Barry M Aquarium Nails & Revlon Rio Rush Spring/Summer ’14

  1. I hope the Rita collection and the Maybelline LE collection come to the united states!! SO jealous you guys have Barry M!


    • Thanks for the comment! I think you will get the Color Show collection, I’ve seen a red one online and you usually have an expanded line in the US. And yeah, Barry M is awesome!


      • 🙂 I sure hope so, I try to collect some from every LE collection from Maybelline! Are you trying out the Maybelline textured?


      • Yes, I’ve literally just got home and done some swatch sticks. They are lovely, great shades and lovely finish! I’ll put one on later when Boy Wonder goes to bed.
        Post will probably go up later or tomorrow am 🙂


      • SWEET! What I was looking for! lol. I can’t wait til they show up here!


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  3. Some of those Barry M Aquarium colors look amazing! I’ve seen some swatches and they had me swooning over them. I’m also curious about the Silk collection they have out, have you given any of them a go?


    • I’ve not tried the silks as they are all a bit pale for my taste. However, they look very similar in finish to the Sally Hansen Satin Glam polishes that came out before Xmas


  4. I hope Rita for Rimmel makes it to the U.S.! Looks promising! 🙂


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