Colors By Llarowe – Beat It

I was a bit naughty during the recent Colors by Llarowe restock over on Llarowe.  It was my first time using the new queuing system, which seems to work quite well.  You visit the site during an advertised restock and it holds place for you in the queue depending on when you arrived at the site (kind of a first come first served system).  Its good because you get a place and no frantic clicking and purchasing under pressure.  But you have no idea how long you will be waiting so tricky if you stay up for a late restock.

Anyway, I picked up just the two, this is the first one I am sharing with you and is the lovely holographic Beat It! from the Michael Jackson collection.

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Gosh, isn’t this pretty stunning? Formula is amazing, I could have gotten away with one coat but in the end I went for two to ensure even coverage.  Drying time is fast, I was very impressed.  I based with G&G Stuck on Blu! and then top coated with G&G HK Girl which really doesn’t dull holos in anyway.  Wear on this was just fantastic, two whole days and not even a chip!  Really love this.

Colors by Llarowe are available directly from Llarowe and prices vary depending on finish.  Updates are available via the Facebook page or sign up to the newsletter for restock updates.

Let me know what you think in the comments!


6 thoughts on “Colors By Llarowe – Beat It

  1. Looks gorgeous. I think I would choose Llarowe as my top choice of brand if I were ever to be given free reign on just one. The swatches I have seen have been stunning. She really does make the most amazing polish. Shame I can’t afford any lol xx


    • I know, its lovely isn’t it? There were some on sale at the weekend, always worth saving u for a few, the quality it usually excellent 🙂


  2. What a stunning gorgeous holo! She does make some gorgeous holo polishes. I haven’t had a chance to purchase any. 😦


  3. I’ve heard of the brand and I know they do great holos! I wish my nails weren’t so fussy. I don’t wear nail polish that often anymore, because everything just chips off SO fast.


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