L’Oreal – The Reign of Studs

So I also picked up a couple of the L’Oreal Gold Dust Collection that I left behind on the shelf in NYC.  I’d been kicking myself about some of these once I had seen all the swatches, as most of them are just STUNNING!  This one is no exception and I am so in love with it…..

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You know the drill – no top coat with these textured shades.  They dry super quick and to a glitter matte finish.  This one is the most perfect Easter lilac colour, it just screams springtime!  I love the fact that all the texture pieces are in the exact same shade, makes for a great amount of interest on the nail.

This is the fifth one I have, you can see the others buy clicking the Gold Dust Collection tag below.

I wore this was three days solid and hardly a chip.  Gotta love a textured shade for that – plus removal was not a huge pain in the backside.  Another plus! I just wish these were available in the UK, they are the GOLD standard for textured polishes and I think I love these even more than Zoya Pixie Dusts.  In terms of texture and finish, they are similar to the ANNY Textured Shades (limited edition however but Europe based) as they larger pieces of glitter in them.  Unlike the P2 shades with are smoother and have grains all of one size, like the Maybelline Crystallize polishes.

Anyway, would love to hear what you think in the comments and thanks for popping by!


3 thoughts on “L’Oreal – The Reign of Studs

  1. Looks really pretty! It reminds me of the Julie G Gumdrops textures.


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