Essence – Laser Show

Hello! I’m back did you miss me?!?  Hollidaybobs was ace, we had a lovely time.  Hard to believe we are back.  Anyway you have to come back to go away again, so there you go.

I have a bit of an odd duck for you today, I probably should have worn this as a top coat of some kind.  As it does look odd and made my fingers look weird.  This is Laser Show from Essence.

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As you can see, its a pearlised based with black glitter.  Its like a Dalmation in a bottle really.  And it looks crazy on its own on the nail.  I probably should have layered over a nude or a red, something to really show off the sheen and then pick up the glitter.  I think on its own, the eye is drawn to the black glitter.  Formula was fine, it was a tad runny and so care was needed not to flood cuticles or load too much onto the nail the glitter starts to slide off in one direction.

Essence is slowly creeping across the UK, not quick enough for my liking.  You can follow the Facebook page for updates and information on additional stockists.

So, let me know what colour you think I should have layered this over, love to hear your comments!


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