New Things I Have Spotted #87 – KIKO

So, being away has been nice.  I’ve been able to visit stores I don’t get to see up north.  But I thought it would be fun to share these new ranges that I saw in the KIKO store that I visited.

First up, Cupcake Nails.  Reduced from £5.90 to £3.50, so I picked up a green (the darker one) and the orange one in front of it.


Then, also reduced, Fancy Top Coat glitter polish.  Lots of colours and varients here.

20140420-134242.jpgFinally, 10 shades in the new Rio Collection, called Sun Show Nails.  Stunning, really light reflective.  £5.90 each. Some of these do remind me of the recent Barry M Aquarium Nails, mainly those at the front.


So, there we go.  Looking forward to sharing my purchases with you shortly.


5 thoughts on “New Things I Have Spotted #87 – KIKO

  1. I actually picked up Cupcake Nails and some of the Sun Show products recently. I found the Cupcake polish to be rather unique as far as textured polishes go.


  2. Oooh the cupcake polishes!! I wanted the yellow one, but I can’t find enough stuff I really need to warrant buying off the website as there’s a minimum order value… Hoping to see the cupcake polishes swatched soon 🙂


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