Spotted! – Free Nails Inc with Colgate Purchase & Maybelline Colorshow Acid Wash


Quick spots for you – first up, free Nails Inc when you buy Colgate.  its quite self explanatory in the pic below.


Still no sign of the forthcoming Maybelline Colorshow Acid Wash polishes.  I am being teased.  No fair!


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15 thoughts on “Spotted! – Free Nails Inc with Colgate Purchase & Maybelline Colorshow Acid Wash

  1. Well spotted! I’m gonna get me some toothpaste 😉


  2. I’ve been looking for the acid washes as well, they definitely are teasing us!


    • I first saw the stand at Easter. This is way too long!! Seems they now have a placeholder on the boots website. Four shades. Thanks for you comment


  3. Need to pay my local Boots a visit. Thanks for the heads up!


  4. Can you buy more than one? Can never have too much toothpaste or polish x


  5. I love your spotted posts – they make me want to go shopping!


  6. Apparently there’s a pale blue coming in June for the Colgate offer too.


  7. Just found 2 of the acid wash polishes in my local boots. I’ve posted a pic on my instagram @clairelofthouse if that helps


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