Maybelline Color Show Acid Wash Effects – PICTURE HEAVY POST

Hurrah! Finally, after more than a month since I first saw the promotional material for these Maybelline COlor Show Acid Wash Effect polishes, they have LANDED!20140526-153047-55847878.jpg


20140526-153051-55851660.jpgNaturally, all four came home with me.  Here was go with some quick and speedy swatches.

First up, Lilac Rebel 245.  Three thin coats.  This one is a pale lilac with hints of gray.  Glitter is all matte white and in a number of different sizes (like the Street Art polishes) UPDATE – link to swatches here




Then we have Mint-Acid-Ittude, 246.  This is a minty green polish with white glitter, again of varying size.  Three thin coats here. UPDATE link to swatches here.




Thirdly, here is Ripped Tide 247.  A bright aqua blue shade with white glitters.  Again three thin coats. UPDATE link to swatches here.




Finally, Top Splatter 250.  A completely white glitter top coat.  Glitter is all different sizes and is matte.  Two coats here.




So there we go.  Finally here.  I think my fave would have to be Ripped Tide.  Will get these on my nails later for better images.

What do you think?  Hit or miss?

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12 thoughts on “Maybelline Color Show Acid Wash Effects – PICTURE HEAVY POST

  1. Interesting! I like Ripped Tide best too! Looking forward to seeing these on your nails later 🙂


  2. I was curious to see what these were as it’s not a collection I’ve heard of. Not really to my taste though so I think I’ll give them a miss


    • Thanks for you comment – I have to admit I was a smidge disappointed just to see glitter in a polish. BUT Maybelline have been going release crazy recently, so there is something for everyone.


  3. I love it! Can’t wait to get my hands in them! Top Splatter is my favourite! 🙂


  4. thanks for the swatches !

    i hope we get these in the US .

    i love ripped-tide & top splatter .



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  6. Oooo these look lully, love the green & the blue! Thanks for sharing x


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