Essence – Heart Explosion

Don’t you just hate finding pics on your camera you have no idea were there?  Clearly changing my polish (nearly) daily has addled my brain.  In my defense I do remember wearing it, just not taking pictures!  This is an Essence polish that a Dutch friend picked up for me when she popped home for a trip.

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As you can see above Heart Explosion is a really shiny, bright tomato red.  It is one of the effects polishes meaning its a bit like a textured polish.  Its not super textured like some, its a bit more gentle and only slightly bumpy.  It does have glitter pieces in it, so it catches the light quite magnificently.  I wore this with no top coat over a base of G&G Stuck on Blu! over a layer of Nailtiques 2.

What do you think?  Still loving textures as much as I do?


2 thoughts on “Essence – Heart Explosion

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