KIKO Denim Nail Lacquer – Shade 462

A KIKO purchase for your eyes today! This is from the Denim collection (which until I saw instore I wasn’t aware of!)  This is the best kind of pink-ish shade for me.  A raspberry!

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Gosh, look at this matte goodness.  As you can see, it does dry slightly matte.  Just a bit.  Not hugely.  Just a waxy-esque finish – not sure how that is Denim, but it might be the slight shimmer which doesn’t really translate onto the nail.  And that lack of shimmer transfer is the only disappointment.

Formula is good, this is two coats over a base of G&G Stuck on Blu, with no top coat so that you can see the effect.  If you do go over it with a matte top coat, it goes more matte.  But you can gloss it up with a shiny top coat.  I think I paid £2.50 for this from the store in London.  Do check online as they have been opening more stores across the south of the country.

What is your fave KIKO shade?


One thought on “KIKO Denim Nail Lacquer – Shade 462

  1. I don’t have a favorite Kiko shade because I just love the whole range of colors they have. I have just recently bought 4 colors of the denim line (I don’t remember the numbers though, but the red one wasn’t available) and I’ll be getting them in August because my friend and I made the purchase together to save up on shipping and to reach the minimum amount needed for the online purchase. I’m so looking forward to try them 😀


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