Spotted! MUA Luxe Glitter Toppers, L’Oreal Colour Riche, Chanel & GOSH

Ahhhh new things for you today on what is a lovely sunny afternoon in Manchester.  Hope its sunny where you are 🙂

First up, some mew editions to the MUA Luxe line in the form of some rather tasty looking glitter toppers. Not sure how much £X is mind….

20140620-172130-62490484.jpgThese are the first two on the left, a purple, black and white glitter, and a blue, purple and white with bar glitter.

20140620-172145-62505607.jpgThis is the middle pair – a orange and turquoise diamond glitter with black and white bar glitter, the second one is a purple, pink and blue diamond glitter with black and white bar glitter.


And then the two on the right, green, gold and yellow diamond glitters with black and white bar glitter and a pink micro glitter one.

20140620-172202-62522374.jpgThen the new summer shade from L’Oreal, a lovely juicy tangerine shade


You can see it here with the little green ‘new’ logo


Just for you, a sneaky snap of the new Chanel Summer 2014….

20140620-172342-62622651.jpgFinally the new GOSH competition winner shades for you.  One polish and one lippie.



So there we go, quite a few new things to check out.  I’m kinda digging those MUA Luxe Glitter toppers.  I;ve not seen that much diamond glitter in the UK market in one line!

Let me know if you get anything in the comments below and have a fabulous weekend.


5 thoughts on “Spotted! MUA Luxe Glitter Toppers, L’Oreal Colour Riche, Chanel & GOSH

  1. Oooh those MUA toppers look pretty! I saw the L’Oreal one on another blog yesterday, I do love a good juicy orange shade


  2. The glitter toppers look a-mazing!


  3. Oh I am soo lusting after the MUA Luxe polishes now 🙂 Great post!


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