Essence Effect Nail Polish – Skyfall

More Essence lovelies for you today – this one came from a Dutch work colleague on one of her trips homes.  This is Skyfall and is part of the Effect Nail Polish range from Essence.

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This is a lovely teal green/blue, that dries to an effect not unlike the now very common textured polishes that are readily available.  Skyfall dries to a slightly matte but delicate textured finish.  I do like the colour.  As with all textured polishes, no top coat required unless you want to use top coat to change the look of the polish.

I think I need to be careful with what textured shades I pick up in future this is quite similar to another one I have that is more glittery (so its not the same at all!) but I seem to be attracted to this this shade in textures.  But thats not a bad thing, I am look at it!

Have you got or tried any of the Essence Nail Effect Polishes?  Let me know in the comments 🙂

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