European Maybelline Acid Wash Polishes – update

As usual I was looking about on the internet to see what new releases were coming up.  I stumbled across the German Maybelline site.


This is Bleached Blue and replaced the white glitter topper that was in the UK release of the Maybelline Color Show Acid Wash Collection. Already in the USA we have seen the white top coat being released as part of the Color Show Jewel Collection (more on Nouveau Cheap here) so wonder if we will see new colour combinations for the Acid Wash Line.  Remember the Bleached Neon line was seven polishes strong against our four……

Also for your perusal, is this Nail Polish & Other Goodies swatches – which are killer, make sure you check them out too!

Nice huh?  Me wanty that Bleached Blue!


12 thoughts on “European Maybelline Acid Wash Polishes – update

  1. Sometimes I hate seeing what other countries get in the Color Show special editions!! I’m still annoyed that the US got a lovely orange in the Polka Dots collection! I made the mistake before of going on the German website, left envious. They have cool looking nail art pens!


    • I hear you!! I have the orange Polka Dots, I got it on holiday and I do love it. The nail art pens look better than the Barry M & Sally Hansen ones – the nail polish and more blog has them a bit further down. Really crushing hard on that blue!


      • Oh so jealous! You know I have a soft spot for oranges! Yes, those pens look really good. Is there any way for you to get your hands on the blue? Damn Royal Mail for that nail polish rule they brought in!! Don’t they know we have addictions to feed?!


  2. I have not seen these yet in my area of Germany. I’ve been on the lookout for them though.


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