Spotted! Dior & New Kate Moss Shades for Rimmel

As I hinted on Tuesday, lots of new things popping up at the moment.  First up for your viewing pleasure, is the new Autumn/Winter collection for Dior, including a black creme with a subtle hint of shimmer.20140804-212944-77384404.jpg

Then what I can only assume are the new A/W Rimmel Salon Pro Kate Moss Shades, all them seem to have names relating to the planets….. further details below.


Venus, Saturn and Mars below.



Moon, Mercury and Goddess.


Punk Rock, Hip Hop, New Romantic and Soul Session.


Two close ups of (in my opinion) the most interesting new shades Saturn and Mercury.

20140804-213358-77638778.jpgThere is more, but I am going to make you wait………

Anything catch your eye?  Let me know in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Spotted! Dior & New Kate Moss Shades for Rimmel

  1. i love all your spotted posts! every time i walk into a shop if i see a new display I wonder if you’ve seen it!


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  3. People who dot nail varnish on the price labels really make my piss itch.


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