Julep – Salma

A classic red for you today, one that I use a lot as a base for glitters or my infrequent stamping adventures.  This is from Julep (sadly only available in the US) and its Salma .

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Some of these Julep polishes are just divine.  I love them.  This is an easily workable red, even with the long bottles and therefore long brushes.  Formula is fine, care is needed just to make sure lots of polish doesn’t suddenly run off the brush from further up the handle, but that seems to me to be the only downside.

This is two coats over a base of G&G Stuck on Blu! and them topped with G&G HK Girl to bring on the shine.  Lovely!  Julep is a US based company and doesn’t seem to have any plans to ship internationally.  They do have a Maven programme, where you get a monthly box.  If you are based in the US (and possibly Canada) you can visit the Julep site here.

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