Spotted! International Edition!

Goodness, I’ve been on holiday – sorry I forgot to mention that I was away and time got away and I didn’t have time to make a quick post!  Anyway, to make it up to you, here are some polishes I saw on holiday…….IMG_6094.JPG



IMG_6097.JPGBeacause I am a sucker for a gimmick, I have picked up the Sephora Smart Roller nail tape things….  Expect a review at some point in the near future!  Damn how I wish we have Sephora in the UK, but boy are those Formula X polishes pricey!


5 thoughts on “Spotted! International Edition!

  1. I went to France and loved browsing in Sephora. I was there just as their sale was ending, so i got a few bargains, but you’re right about the price of the Formula Xs – I couldn’t justify the expense. (Now had they been Chanels…!)


  2. Whenever I go on holiday I look to see if they have a Separate; it’s a lovely holiday treat! Can’t wait for your review


  3. *Sephora… damn autocorrect


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