P2 Sand Style – Dreamy

Ah, those of you that have been around these parts know that I love I good textured polish.  Even more than that, I adore a P2 Sand style polish!  Completely adore them.  This one is one of the newer ones and its called Dreamy.  Lets look at some pictures!

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This is two coats over a base of Essence Anti Nail Split Sealer.  Its a lovely sea green, with a duochrome hint.  Formula was good, easy to work with and fast to dry.  Care is needed as you can ding it whilst its drying but once its dry its rock rock hard.

P2 is a German brand, you can visit the collection here. I am not sure if its available anywhere else, but I do love them so very much and I’m fortunate to have to buddy in Germany to keep me furnished with them!  (Thank you Lindz!)

What are your favourite textured polish brand – let me know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “P2 Sand Style – Dreamy

  1. I also love p2 they make great affordable polishes 🙂 I own quite a few sandstyles. I really wanted to try their leather finish ones.


  2. Oh this one is PRETTY! The only textured nail polish I have is OPI What Wizardry Is This? I really love the color! I just got the MAC leather top coat. I should try it out soon 🙂


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