Chanel – Atmosphere

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OK, OK – no judging.  I flew down south to visit the family and I HAD to pick with two of the A/W 2014 Chanel Collection Etats Poetiques.  There are three vernis shades in the collection.  Orage (navy with a shimmer), Secret (a pale nude) and then Atmosphere which I have to show you here.  Lets go straight to the pics!

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What you see here is two coats of Orage followed by one thin coat of Atmosphere.  It really acts as a shade changer and iridescent topper.  It does bit up some of the underlying shade and as you can see above, it has a really really strong duochrome effect.  Although I only used on coat, it went on evenly and cleanly drying quite quickly before I topped with G&G HK Girl.

I think it would look stunning over red too, so will probably try that next time.

Has anything from Chanel A/W 2014 caught your eye?

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