Spotted! New Barry Ms

I’m a bit late to the party here, as I saw these a week ago and I know lots of blogs have already featured them.  But if you haven’t already seen, the new Autumn 2014 Barry M colours are out.  And there are quite a few alongside the recent Autumn Gelly shades that came out in September.

First up Glitterati Nail Paint – these are super sparkly nail shades in six colours as seen below…. the bottle tops are deliberately distressed.


Also in this Boots were the two new Xmas shades, Starlight and Moonlight.  These have the red bottle tops. They have tiny stars in them, one mainly silver and one with bits of red in.

Bit of a closer shot here and the matte top coat makes up the full row.


Then there are the new Aquarium shades as well….


And some additions to the glitter line….

IMG_6466So quite a lot of new Barry M shades out there for your nail pleasure.  These images are from Boots and I know that Superdrug will also have their own limited edition Christmas paints and there is one limited edition one for Tesco from what I understand.  Plenty to get stuck into!  They are up on the Barry M website but I couldn’t see the red toppped bottles so you will have to swing by your local Boots, Superdrug or Tesco.

Anything catch your eye or have you already taken the plunge?  Let me know in the comments


14 thoughts on “Spotted! New Barry Ms

  1. Uuh, I did get the whole glitterati collection (even swatched them on my blog).. and seeing some other awesome Barry Ms around the blogs, I’m thinking of getting some more, I like the new duochrome from Aquarium and the Tesco special seemed awesome and maybe some starts too (Christmas glitter).. soo many shines XD


  2. Love these I want all of them


  3. First impressions look good!


  4. Hmmm … Masquerade looks like Amethyst Glitter and Ruby Slippers like Red Glitter. Have they just renamed them, do you think?


  5. Uh oh, those Glitterati colors are calling my name! Sorry I’ve been MIA by the way. I sent you an e-mail explaining.


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