Manhattan – Strawberry Cake

Today I have another of the Manhattan polishes I picked up from Austria.  I do love these *quite* a bit.  This is the Birthday Colours collection, a collection of what the BIPA website tells me is 15 shades and the above image is from the Manhattan Facebook page! I didn’t see that many when I was away but I have three from this collection to share with you.  I also, thanks to google, found out that this is a range created by fans.  How awesome!

First up, this is Strawberry Cake!

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This is two coats over a base of Nailtiques 2 and topped with G&G HK Girl.  Formula was good, easy to work with, and the larger pieces of glitter were less likley to come out of the bottle and overworking of the polish dragged them near the free nail edge.  However, isn’t this pretty!

Its the right side of pink for me, the glitter is either silver or a light pink, or a mix of both.  I cannot quite confrim it either way.  Its a good strawberry red/pink and I love the little red glitters that are also in the polish.  Really makes it a bit different to other things in my stash.

What do you think?  I paid €5 for this and the other ones I have yet to show you, I think its certainly worth that.  Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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5 thoughts on “Manhattan – Strawberry Cake

  1. Love this colour i think you’ve just convinced me to try manhattan polish


  2. OOO sparkling watermelon pink! I do have a real soft spot for watermelon pinks!


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