Spotted! NYC Crystal Couture, Sally Hansen, Miss Sporty & L’Oreal Red Collection,

Lots more new things on shelves, I’ve brought a few new spots into one post so you get to see them quicker.  First up NYC Crystal Coutures, four shades in total…. gold, red, purple and blue.  In the US there are two additional and different shades – a green one and a stunning red and grey one which I MUST GET!!  See them here on Nouveau Cheap.

Also spotted in the NYC stand is this new Glitter Off base coat.  This is like many on the market to make heavy glitter removal easier… now for £1.99 its certainly worth trying if you don’t fancy making your own base coat from PVA glue.

Then, I Spotted new polishes in the Sally Hansen stand from the Complete Salon Manicure range. A mix of metallics and glitters, inlcuding this interesting little one below.. gold and purple and shimmer?? Ooohhhhhhhhh

The others include a jewel red, gold and purple and a black with silver glitter and a pure silver polish.

Not that there is anything new it in, but its the first time out for a Halloween stand  and this one is for Miss Sporty.

Finally, for your viewing pleasure, the new Pure Reds collection from L’Oreal.

Incudes lipsticks as well in so many shades, there is one for everyone.


That’s it, quite a few new things to pop out and have a lookie at.  Anything catch your eye?  Let me know in the comments.

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6 thoughts on “Spotted! NYC Crystal Couture, Sally Hansen, Miss Sporty & L’Oreal Red Collection,

  1. That Sally Hansen is pretty, I’ve been looking at it in shops but I think I have a similar enough one from Essence!


  2. Love all of these I find nyc formula to be better than sally hansen’s


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