Manhattan – Cupcake Addicted

This is Cupcake Addicted, another of the Manhattan Birthday Nail Polishes.  This is a german brand that seems to have really upped its game and I fell hard for these in the store.  Even this one, with pink in!  The above image shows the entire range of polishes and we’ve already seen one from the Blogger Collection and one from the Birthday Collection.  Lets check out the pics!

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This is a creamy white polish with pink glitter in.  It also has a slight shimmer to the base which brings it beyond a basic creme polish.  What you see above is two or three coats over a base of Nailtiques 2 and topped with G&G HK Girl.  Why two or three?  I needed to have a fair amount on the brush so that the glitter didn’t drag and pull up to the free edge.  There was a bit of streaking going on.

However, nothing that cannot be navigated with a bit of care.  What is nice is that the glitter does end up nice and flat on the nail.  Top coat provides smoothness.  And can I just say, the wear on this is excellent.

These aren’t readily available in the UK, but I have spotted some on eBay and perhaps you might have a german or austrian buddy to call on.

Let me know what you think in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Manhattan – Cupcake Addicted

  1. Ooh, I can fill my Manhattan stocks when I travel home. Not sure though if they have all of the collections released in Estonia as well. Sometimes they come in with huge delay :s.


  2. i just bought this one today, cant wait to finally try it 🙂


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