Orange and White Chevon Nails

I was feeling a bit inspired after seeing THIS POST on Love Varnish, Chocolate and More blog – I just fell hard for the combination of orange and off white.  After a bit of rummaging in my stash, I decided to do a pure white and orange (because I couldn’t find either of my nude Barry Ms)

My mani consists of Cult Nails Tempest for the white and OPI A Woman’s Prague-ative for the shimmery orange.  The nail vinyls I used to make the chevron shape came from She Sells Sea Shells and were very easy to use.

Basically, you paint your base coat, then leave it to dry longer than you would think.  Apply the vinyls where you want and then use your accent colour.  Then whilst they are still wet, peel off the vinyl, probably using tweezers.  If your base coat is still too tacky, it sticks like glue and its hard to pull off!

Anyway, its something so simple even I can’t completely mess it up!  Let me know what colour combinations you would try in the comments.


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