Spotted – updated stands for Christmas and some new items from Miss Sporty

A few of the stands in your local drugstores may be updated in the near future if they haven’t already. First up, Rimmel has a new end cap in Superdrug – in particular highlighting the new Pop Art topper and those Glitter Bomb shades.

Then new shades in the Miss Sporty stand….

Inlcuding another high street glitter peel off base coat, just like the new one from NYC New York Color.

And some new hologram shades.. not sure these are 100% new but they are in the new updated stand.

Finally, Barry M for the festive season, including slots for the limited edition toppers, only one seen here.

That is all this time, what have you seen out and about?


5 thoughts on “Spotted – updated stands for Christmas and some new items from Miss Sporty

  1. Thanks for posting, now I know what I’m looking for next time I go shipping, are miss sporty a good brand? What is their formula and colour pay off like?


    • Ive not tried the newer ranges. They are entry level cosmetics so quality (for me anyway) has been variable. Although i they sent me some to review I’d love that!


  2. I love these posts! ❤️ you should do one for all the xmas nail gifts available – its part of my xmas routine to check out the boots nail selections in their xmas gift section! Ive not seen the Barry M festive ltd editions yet tho, will have to keep an eye out 😊 x


    • Aw thanks Rachael. I love doing a spotted post, & they are always popular! An Xmas themed one isna good idea will have to try and pull one together!


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