Maybelline Color Show Be Brilliant – Speedy Swatches!

So you may have noticed in your local Boots or Superdrug, yet another new Maybelline Color Show polish range.

These are being described as Christmas shades in Boots. As I’m having issues accessing my blog, I’ve done some speedy swatches for you, as I’ve done with other Color Show ranges. It will give you an idea what they look like in case you want to snap these up as they are limited edition.

So, first up is Light It Up. A clear bazaar glitter topper. Glitter here is silver, light pink, light blue light green and small silver/holo pieces.


Next we have Spark The Night. Another clear based polish with glitter in darker pink than the previous shade, small gold, green and blue glitters with the worlds smallest pink glitter too. The base seems slightly darker than Light It Up, but that might be my eyes and the fact that the glitter density is greater.


Skyline Blue is a blue tinted polish base with blue, pink, silver and gold glitter in. Again has the worlds smallest pink glitter in it. It also has pale blue glitter to making the blue shades the dominant colour.


Finally, we have Purple Dazzle. As the name implies this is a purple tinted base polish packed with pink, blue, purple, gold and green glitters. This one does have the worlds smallest pink glitter in too.


So there you have some very speedy swatches. Bloggers in Germany seem to get Color Show Shades a week or so before we do in the UK. From what I can tell with very limited web access, the four shades are the same in mainland Europe.

Have you seen these out and about? Which one catches your eye the most? Let me know in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Maybelline Color Show Be Brilliant – Speedy Swatches!

  1. I always look forward to the things you’ve spotted in shops – love the top one with the clear base, definitely getting that 🙂


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