Spotted! New make up in Poundland

I’ve heard quite a buzz about the new make up range in Poundland – I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting my local store to be updated so quickly.  But lo and behold, it was.  I didn’t buy anything and I didn’t swatch or test anything.  Everything is £1, surprise surprise, but do your homework, as with any new make up ranges.

A number of images follow below, including a shot of the whole display so you can see how big it is.






The polishes look quite interesting and there is a small nail care range, including base coats, top coats and ridge fillers.  I haven’t pick up anything from the range yet, but if you have, do let me know my leaving me a comment

Thanks for reading!

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14 thoughts on “Spotted! New make up in Poundland

  1. I’m looking forward to trying the polishes. I’ve found Poundland’s selection in polishes has gotten so bad recently, at least in Arndale one. The Poundworld that opened in Picadilly Gardens near bus stops was really good when I was in the other week though!


  2. :O :O I kind of want to try them all as they look awesome. No Poundworlds near me though 😦


  3. It’s nice to see a proper display in there, rather a row of pin arms with stuff in plastic bags, if I was looking at the pictures I would have thought it was Boots or Superdrug.


    • Agreed! The display makes it look pricey and attractive. Will hopefully get some after payday to see why the fuss is about. And some ofthat make up also looks very nice.


  4. First of all… OMG it snows on your blog!! I love it 😀
    Second of all, I may have to take a trip into town to check this out for myself… Though I’ll avoid the Arndale one- I also didn’t realise there was a Poundworld in Piccadilly Gardens! Shows how much attention I pay to these places.


    • I love the snow feature – its ace! Ill have to try and swing by the new poundland too. I didnt know but then Im not often that way these days.


  5. Now I’m gonna have to make the 30 min drive to Poundland just to check them out!


  6. I have! I have some of the glitters and my blog post will be up on wednesday for them 🙂 x


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