More Christmas inspired stamping

Today I have more from my MoYou plates – this from one of my newer purchases, the star plate.

This one is full of all sorts of stars, different styles, shapes and sizes.  I can see this getting a LOAD of use as there are so many ways to use it.  I did quite a straight forward mani with a base coat of one of my many blue Sally Hansen Insta Dri polishes, this one is Co-Bolt Blue (a poundland find!), before stamping over the top in Sally Hansen Insta Dri in Presto Power.  I finished with a cost of my P2 Holo Top Coat before sealing it all in with my Essence Better Than Gel Nails top coat.

I think the deep rich blue is the perfect back drop for some stars.  Love them.  I do think my stamping is slowly getting better too and finding polishes that work well for stamping has taken some time, but once you have the hand of it, its super easy.

What colour would you have used for your star mani?  Let me know in the comments.  Thanks for popping by!

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6 thoughts on “More Christmas inspired stamping

  1. This mani had me humming “silent night” too myself, that blue just GLOWS and the stamping is flawless x


  2. I love this manicure! Great job 🙂


  3. Pretty! I thought I bought this plate in my last moyou order, but apparently didn’t actually and I’ve been regretting it!


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