Born Pretty Stamping Plate

*Disclosure: This product was sent to me for review but this does not influence the opinions expressed in this blog which are entirely my own.

Hello everyone, hope you have had an easy start to your January… today I have a new product to review for you from Born Pretty. I’m very excited to try out a new brand of stamping plate. If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you know that stamping is something quite new to me and I’ve been really getting into it over Christmas, going a bit ga-ga for jumper nails. Anyway, this is the Leaves Themed Plate and it can be found here on this link.


Above you can see the images oo the plate. The plate comes with a blue covering to protect it in transit. You need to remove this, exposing the silver etched surface so that you can use it. At the top there is a wheat style image, moving clockwise around from here, you can see individual leaves, another whole image of leaves, an individual leaf, a maple leaf full coverage design, the another full coverage leaf design and a fern like image. In the centre is a circular image.


Here you can see the image I selected to stamp with, this is on my Konad stamper (purchased by me) so you can see the contrast better. The white polish is Wet N Wild French White (purchased by me)

I have to say, I’ve fallen for this plate quite hard.  The quality of the etching is great,  meaning I have been able to get clean, crisp images onto my nails.  It was very easy to use and transfer of the image is excellent.  I’ve already used this for another mani which I will share in a few days if my pictures turn out OK.

Born Pretty have provided me with a 10% off code for all my readers, so if you like the look of this, or any of the next few products I have to share with you over the next week or so, please feel free to use it.  The code is ULG10.


Have you bought anything from BP before?  Which stamping plates do you have your eye on?  Let me know in the comments!

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10 thoughts on “Born Pretty Stamping Plate

  1. I ordered that whole set (plates 16 to 25), so I have this one. I haven’t had the time to play around with it yet though. But from the ones I’ve tried/played, oh my – what a great quality the BP line has.


  2. Hey Lou, I’ve never tried stamping before (you know me. It’s already quite a feat if my nails are painted at all), but this plate looks like my thing! I love flowers, leaves, and all that “foresty” stuff haha


  3. PERDY! I love blue and white stamping 😀


  4. You’re so good at stamping, teach me your ways!! Love this plate too


    • Practice practice practice – lots of stamping on paper and then several stampers later I found one that worked for me. So a bit of trial and error!


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