Victoria, Victoria Beckham VVB for Nails Inc – Judo Red

I am a lucky lucky lady – my lovely sister bought me a nail polish that I never thought I would get my hands on.  This is Victoria, Victoria Beckham VVB for Nails Inc in Judo Red.

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OK, two things, firstly this ain’t cheap.  No no no.  Secondly, its not the most unique of colours.

However, it is a stunning easy to use polish.  The brush is excellent and two coats is perfection.  I love this.  The colour is an orange leaning red, a fab shade for many a skin tone.  I am NOT a fan of Nails Inc at all, I have some, they are OK and I have a couple I adore, but on the whole, I have avoided them.

Above is two coats, over a base of Nailtiques 2 (still have peeling nails but they are MUCH better) and topped with my brand new Nails Inc 45 Second Kensington Top Coat.  Colour me impressed with the top coat, it is fast.

This makes me change my mind.  Completely.  I know its not part of the their standard line.  Formula does have a slight smell to it, must be that Bamboo Extract, but it is not off putting or overpowering.

The bottle is heavy in the hand, Venetian Glass don’t you know!  And the peek-a-boo sides?? To die for.

OK, Nails Inc, you got me.  I’m smitten!  Let me know what you think in the comments, would you pay £25 for liquid perfection?

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3 thoughts on “Victoria, Victoria Beckham VVB for Nails Inc – Judo Red

  1. Nope, no way am I paying that much for polish. Unless it’s a HTF OPI polish I’ve been lusting after. But it does look divine on you!


  2. No way would I pay it on the price but it’s a pretty bottle design! Hate when UK prices are much more expensive than US. But saying that, the Irish Euro price is always way more than the UK too so it’s like I’m making money by having moved here last year! 😉


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