Spotted! Body Shop Nail Polish & Asda George Gellie Polishes

I finally managed to get into a Body Shop and see the new nail polish range.  Now I haven’t tried any myself, but some of these look great.  A good solid range of shades, mainly cremes. RRP is £5.


There also appears to be nail polish remover (£6) and some of the polishes are packaged up into sets (not sure if that is a permanent thing or not)


Also, new on shelves, seems to be these Gellie polishes in Asda Walmart. Four shades, yellow, red, purple/blue and green.  And they have a candy scent!  I didn’t open them to take a whiff…..


These look very similar in tint to some of the Sally Hansen Triple Shines that came out in the US this summer and now popping up in your local poundstores.  These seem to be on offer at the moment, £2 instead of £3.


You pick up any Body Shop polishes or the new George Gellies? Let me know in the comments.

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One thought on “Spotted! Body Shop Nail Polish & Asda George Gellie Polishes

  1. Ooh those Gellies look interesting! I have 2 of the Triple Shines, saw a third the other day but wasn’t bothered to queue. I need to check if the Hulme Asda does make up, not sure if it does.

    I’ve been wanting to try the Body Shop nail polish forever but it’s never included in offers (as that sign above even shows!) so I’m holding out til then


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