NOTD – SInful Colors Patent Pleasure

I had an urge for a bright colour on my nails, so I popped on this Sinful Colors Sinful Shine shade in Patent Pleasure.  It has a hidden green tinge, but I do love this!

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We have seen Patent Pleasure before, right here in fact….

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3 thoughts on “NOTD – SInful Colors Patent Pleasure

  1. It’s a nice orange and I like that shimmer 🙂


  2. Hey Lou, so tomorrow’s #TulipTuesday is actually about orange! When I was going through my stash, I realized that Guerlain Nahema/Dior Riviera are actually the closest “orange” nail polishes I own. Oh wait, now come to think of it I have Chanel Mirabella as well, but that one’s probably not around anymore!

    Anyways, back to Patent Please: that hidden green tinge makes me really curious!


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