Model Own – Chrome Cerise

We are still working our way though the Colour Chrome Collection from Models Own.  Its a series of 10 chrome shades and because there were on sale, I bought them all…. we’ve already seen Indigo, Mauve, Olive and Rose.  Lets go straight to the pictures

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Wow, this is what I call a POP of colour. This is by far one of the brights shades in the entire collection. its really shiny and its just the perfect Cerise colour, it does look like cooked cherries to me.

Again, the formula was good. Work quick, even if you only get on pass in one each nail and then go back to fill in the sides. You application will have less brushstrokes. I haven’t used a top coat here, and to be honest, I have tried a top coat on these. I do use a base coat, if nothing else it even out the nail bed as I have the odd ridge here and there. It does cling to your nails so if you have a ridge problem, you may want to apply this over a ridge smoothing base or even a clear polish layer first.

A note on the brush, its a wide flat brush, not unlike that we’ve seen in Dior polishes and I think its probably a bit similar to the new Barry M brush (I’ve not seen it or used it, so I can’t comment). Either way, I do find it quite easy to use. And on smaller fingers, its one swipe and you are done!

Let me know what you think in the comments, have you picked any of these up yet? How do you plan on wearing them?

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