Sinful Colors – Standing Bloom Only

I may have been a bit naughty and ordered from nail polishes from the US via eBay. I fell in love once I saw the Sinful Colors Bloom Blast collection on Nouveau Cheap (I’m just gonna blame G really…) and I also scored a couple of other polishes from the other collections, although sadly not Shamrocking (and I also missed Love Sprinkles from the valentines collection)

Anyway, this is Standing Bloom Only a lovely juicy orange polish packed to the gills with orange and red glitter in all manner of sizes. It really couldn’t be more me if it tried, as soon as I say pictures, I was a goner.

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What you see above is two medium coats over a base of Essence Better Than Gel Nails base and topped off with a thick layer of Nails Inc 45 Second Top Coat. Formula is good and workable, I blobbed a fair bit on the nail before spreading it out in an attempt to get even glitter distribution. I needn’t have worried to be fair as this is packed with glitter and it glides onto the nail evenly.

As I mentioned, I picked this up from a seller on eBay who sells lots of drugstore items internationally, presumably to polish addicts like me and US nationals living abroad. I was good, I only got six in total, and lets be clear, it could have been a LOT WORSE!! Are you over glitter containing cremes? I thought I was, and then this collection has just done it for me!

Let me know what you think in the comments.

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12 thoughts on “Sinful Colors – Standing Bloom Only

  1. I had to have the purple/blue version, Pedal Be The Day….the base looks milky but ends up clear…still love it!


  2. Such a shame that Sinful Colors can’t be bought in the UK anymore. They have got such cool colours for a drugstore brand. I keep checking their website but there is no information what is happening with them in the UK. Looks like I have to go on ebay as well.


    • Yes, a huge shame. Although we only ever had the core collection, none of these exciting limited editions. SC has been on a roll lately, I may have to go back from Shamrocking, mainly for the name! I also don’t know what is going on with their UK distribution, so if you get to the bottom of it, do let me know. Thanks for the comment!


  3. Sinful colours recently arrived in my country…I have almost all the colors 😀 …can’t wait to get my hands on this one too…thanks for the heads up


  4. Do you ever have any problems ordering on eBay? I haven’t ordered nail polish from abroad yet because I know there are shipping restrictions but there are some great eBay sellers and prices that I’m always dying to try!! Speaking of which, you’ll have to me know how you buy from on eBay as I want to get my hands on some US drugstore polishes!


    • I buy from one reseller that I’ve brought from before. They ship international all the time and their procedure for it is very clear. They always email to confirm. I’ll find the link for you because they also have full cosmetic ranges too!


      • Don’t worry, didn’t think it was an affiliate or anything, wouldn’t have minded anyway seeing as I asked! 🙂

        I’ve just shied away from ordering polishes from outside UK due to Royal Mail and their stance on nail polish (I know you can buy from inside UK but I thought they’d stop if coming from abroad). Might give it a go anyway with a small order, thanks! (my purse and bank account do not say thanks though!)


      • Just being careful and giving full disclosure. They do get the ltd edition sinful colors too. I got mine from there and I can recommend the service. Let me know what you get


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