Spotted! Spring 2015 Rimmel London

I just happened to pop into my local Superdrug when I spotted new Rita Ora shades for Rimmel London. As you can see below, the new Rita Ora shades have cute flowers on the cap so that you can easily spot them amongst the wider range. According to the website, there are twelve shades in this release. Lets take a closer look…..I also saw this rather large stand on the way out, not sure how I missed it on the way in!As well as new Rita Ora shades, I also noticed new inserts in the main Rimmel Nail Bar wall.  These are Sweetie Heart polishes and appear to have a matte finish, five shades here in shades reminiscent of Swizzle Matlow Love Hearts,.Then, I saw these below the Sweetie Heart shades, another range of five polishes called Pearly Queen (nothing on the Rimmel London website yet)It does look as if the whole 60 Second Line has had a revamp, the bottles look like they have had a facelift, but not sure if that includes a formula re-brand or not. I was with a friend of mine, who bought the mint green 60 seconds polish and she was able to coat her nails twice within 5 mins. They were touch proof within 60 seconds and rock hard in about 4-5mins. Impressive.

I’ve not tired them myself yet.  Have you?  if so, do let me know in the comments.  Have you seen these in your local stores yet?  Anything catch your eye?

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