Models Own – Chrome Silver

Getting there!  We are nearly through the lovely Models Own Chrome Collection – I do love these polishes.  They are so quick to use and they do work well for stamping (as long as you are quick!) I know we’ve seen a lot of silver recently, but here is another one for you viewing pleasure.  Here is Chrome Silver.

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As before, the formula dries very quickly, so you have to move fast.  Formula is good, it does cling to every blip and imperfection on the nail.  But its still lovely. There are ten shades in the Colour Chrome Collection and we’ve already seen Blue, Gold,  Indigo, Mauve, Olive and Rose.  RRP is £4.99 if you pick them up in Superdrug (which is now a Models Own stockist) or order them online directly. Don’t forget that you can follow this blog via Bloglovin’, either by clicking the icon to the right or by clicking here. I can also be found on Twitter @BakingNails


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