Born Pretty Nail Foils Review 

*Disclosure: This product was sent to me for review but this does not influence the opinions expressed in this blog which are entirely my own.

I’ve been very fortunate to have been sent some more items from the Born Pretty Store.  This time I asked for some nail foils, not having used any foils apart from a Ciate kit a long time ago, I was really excited to try this one out!

As you can see, this one is akin to a tiger stripe, its gold, orange and brown, with a holographic silver streak running throughout.  I used an Essence Hello Foils transfer glue which I bought myself from the newly updated Essence stands.

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I used a base colour similar to one of the shades in the foil, having looked online I knew that I wouldn’t get complete an perfect transfer of the foil onto the nail.  The roll of foil is quite long and so I cut a manageable piece off.  I painted my nails with two coats of my base coat and I waited a long time to make sure it was dry.  Seriously dry.  Knowing that this could get messy…

So, working one nail at a time, I painted a thin coat of the Hello Nail Foils onto the base colour.  And waited about 60-80 seconds.  Then I placed the foil onto the tacky surface, rubbed and pulled it off.  Now sometimes this worked really well, sometimes I pulled off more of the base colour than the amount of foil left on my nail.  So its a bit hit a miss.  But I love the effect, some nails are patchy where I put the foil onto my nail more than once and so its made up of small pieces of foil.  And on other nails, there is a larger piece where you can see the pattern better.  I sealed this with a layer of Shake Me I’m Pretty! and then a coat of a high gloss top coat (both purchased by me)

Born Pretty have provided me with a 10% off code for all my readers, so if you like the look of this, or any of the next few products I have to shared with you, please feel free to use it. The code is ULG10.  Let me know what you get in the comments! ULG10 Don’t forget that you can follow this blog via Bloglovin’, either by clicking the icon to the right or by clicking here. I can also be found on Twitter @BakingNails

*Disclosure: This product was sent to me for review but this does not influence the opinions expressed in this blog which are entirely my own.


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