Nanacoco – Milky Shaky

I’ve not been very consistent in showing you my gorgeous polishes from my swap with G of Nouveau Cheap – apologies.  I got waylaid by Chanel….. not very wallet friendly I know… anyway.  Back to the stunning (but smelly) milky glitters of Nanacoco.  This one is called Milky Shaky and reminded me a little bit of Whimsical, but its not the same at all!  Lets check out some pics!

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Milky Shaky is a pale blue base packed with glitters in pink and blue, with tiny tiny specs of green or turquoise.  As with Shu Cream, this one has that scent which can put you off if you are sensitive to chemical scents.  The formula was a bit thick, but with glitters that isn’t a bad thing or it can slide off the nail or pool at the sides (which means it never dries…..)

What you see above is two or three coats, and that depended on glitter placement.  If I felt it was a bit glitter light, another coat went on!  I used the Sally Hansen Big Peel Off Base Coat (last seen pairs with Shu Cream) – which I am becoming a huge fan of. I then topped with a good coat of Nails Inc Kensington Top Coat which seals it all in with a shine and reduces the stick of the polish.

This was so cute on my nails, I couldn’t stop looking at them!  As a bonus, removal was super easy and I was able to get my next polish on in record time!

What do you think?  Yay or nay?  Let me know in the comments!

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