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Welcome to the first in a series of Ask a British Nail Blogger.  This time the question is ‘what is your nail routine?’

This is a great first question, so here goes.  I change my nail polish nearly every day, yes you heard me correctly, nearly every day.  I find it exceptionally hard to wear polish for more than 24 hours.  As part of that routine, I go through A LOT of remover, a lot. I have tried several on and off for years.  Until I fell for my current favourite, I used to like Andrea Fullerton’s Mint Scented Remover.  It also came in an awesome pump bottle (some of which I have refilled with other removers).

20130315-161935.jpgSo this is my current love Classics Nail Polish Remover.  This is basically acetone. And it removed everything in its path pretty quickly,  its great with glitter too.  I tend to use a roll of cotton wool to remove glitter polish, I rip it up into nail sized pieces, soak them in this remover, place them onto my nail, wait five mins and then use a cotton pad to apply pressure from my cuitcle to free edge to ‘slide’ the glitter off.  Works like a charm.

Where do I get this?  Poundworld or Poundland.  For the sum of £1


Moving on, and in no particular order, is hand cremes.  I go through a fair bit of hand creme, from the expensive to the everyday.  I love these Hand Balms from Essence.  Not only are they non oily, they seem to penetrate the skin and hang around long enough to actually make a difference.

Where do I get this? Mine were sent to me in a swap with girlintheglasses and I adore it and the scent is nice too.  The chocolate one is to die for and sits by my desk at work.  Yum!


I’m quite lucky to have long nail beds and cuticles that behave themselves.  Every so often I used Sally Hansen’s Gel Cuticle Remover.  Probably no more than once a month, but its helps.

Where do I get this? Boots or Superdrug stock it


I also have a lot of nail files and nail buffers.  These are some of my favourites above.  A lovely Sally Hansen nail file that my lovely Polish Picking Princess sent me and a Revlon Crazy Shine Buffer. I don’t buff my nails very often, again about once a month at the most.  I have some new nail files to swap out this Sally Hansen one as it now on its last legs.

Where do I get this – Usually Boots or Superdrug.  Sometimes I get some lovely files in swaps.


Finally, my cuticle treat.  Island Girl Scented Cuticle Oil.  Love it.  Just a little goes a long way. This was sent to me in a swap.

Where do I get this – As I said, mine came in a swap, but in the US you can get them via ABC Stores.

So there you have it , my main nail polish care items.  What do you use in your routine?  And if you have any questions for the British Nail Bloggers, leave a comment.  Check out the rest of the gang via the Collection below, just click, read and enjoy!


Nail Files: Bare All Tag

I was recently tagged by GirlInTheGlasses about doing a Nail Files:Bare All Tag.  Never having done a tag before I thought why not…. so below you can now see my nails as nature intended.  No glam, no gloss, no glitter.


Actually, they don’t look too bad do they?  I’m actually quite pleased with them.  After a horrible winter where they split and peeled and make me cry, I’ve finally got them in a place I am happy with.  There are two things I credit with this, firstly for 3 months I used Nailtiques Formula 2 under everything.  I used it as a base coat and even under a base coat.  It was amazing.  I used the whole 0.5Oz  bottle.  Then I tried Nailtiques Formula 1 – didn’t like it.  Made my nails dull.  So then I got a bottle of Essie Billionnails in the sale at Boots.  Loved this.  Then in a different sale, but still in Boots, I snagged a bottle of Seche Retain.  And I love this.

The second thing is Julep Nail Growth Revitalising Serum.  I got this in a mystery box that was sent to me from a friend in the US in exchange for an equivalent amount of Models Own polish.  I struck out and got the Super Mystery Box, with lots in and a credit of $120.  The Nail Growth Serum was in here.  Now I don’t use it everyday anymore, but I do use it daily.  I also have an Island Girl Cuticle Oil (thanks ZedleyQ) which I love and heartily recommend.

And actually, now I think about it, there is a third.  And that is probably my mum.  She has beautiful hands and nails.  Both my sister and I have identical hands, just like mums.  We are blessed with long nail beds, so even super short, my nails have a good length on them. Thanks Mum, plus being a habitual nail biter until I was about 15, she was super supportive of me stopping biting and now indulges me in my nail polish seeking habits.  We have many a happy hour or so catching up with new additions to my stash and she even gets to take some home with her.


Nail Files: Bare All Tag:

  • Include a photo of your clean, product free, natural nails: see above!
  • Preferred length:  Short to Mid
  • Preferred shape:  Squoval
  • Favorite base coat:  Seche Retain and CND Stickey
  • Favorite top coat:  Hong Kong Girl UV Top Coat
  • Favorite cuticle cream/oil:  Island Girl Cuticle Oil, but I liek burt Bees Lemon Cuticle Cream too
  • Favorite hand cream:  Atrixo Regenerating Treatment or Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Hand Cream
  • Favorite nail clippers:  None, I file
  • Favorite nail file:  I have some lovely Sally Hansen ones.  I do like to buff my nails as I find it helps to prevent peeling.  I try to do it once a month.  I like the Revlon Crazy Shine Buffer Pad but really want a Tropical Shine one after a super positive experiences at a nail salon.
  • Favorite remover:  Sally Hansen removers, they very depending on the quality of my nail or Andrea Fullerton remover (smells minty!)
  • Self or professional manicure:  I do my own, although I do like having a professional polish now and then
  • How often do you polish:  Everyday if I have time, or every other day.  I usually add something to my manicure on Day 2 to prevent boredom
  • Most wanted nail product:  Chanel Skyline
  • Be sure to include the nail files bare all tag in your post or video response

So, I think its now *your* turn for Nail Files:Bare All Tag.  Leave me a link below if you do!

Bourjois 1 Second Magic Nail Polish Remover

As I may have mentioned, I picked up a couple of Bourjois 1 Second Magic Nail Polish Remover whilst they were on a buy one get one free deal in my local Boots.  I go through remover quickly as I tend to change my nails every couple of days or as soon as I see a chip. Anything that is quick, easy to use and effective will get my vote.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What you actually get is quite a small bottle, 75ml of product in a grey sponge insert.  There is a hole where you place you finger and then twist it.  Then you are supposed to remove it from the bottle, and Voila!  No more nail polish.  From the image above you can see how that actually worked out.  I was removing my Revlon Rainforest (from the new ColorStay collection – swatches coming) and perhaps I was a bit sneaky.  Rainforest has a flakie/glitter embedded within it.  I would say it removed 90% of the polish within the dip and twist I did.  It probably took me 3 seconds as I was trying to take pictures with my other hand.

A second quick dip removed the polish, every trace.  I was able to remove polish from all 10 fingers within 3 minutes.  I timed it.  Its that good.  Seriously.  Its THAT good.

It has a “Red Fruit and Vanilla Fragrance”.  When I opened it, firstly there was no security seal and secondly it smelt like polish remover.  On using it, and you can see this in the image of my naked nails, is the sheen of the almond oil.  My cuticles were soft, moveable and my nails silky smooth to the touch.  Maybe a bit too silky as I struggled to get the lid back on without it shooting out of my hands and across the garden.  Anyway, back to the scent. as soon as the solvent evapourates, you can smell the scent.  Yes, its red fruits and vanilla, like one of those herbal teas (but not the stinky kind).  Its nice.  Seriously nice.  I’ve washed my hands twice now, just in the course of doing house stuff, and I can still smell it lingering.  But not in a bad way.

So, is it worth the £4.99 price tag.  I would say as its my first try with it, YES, its worth it. I’m simply impressed.

It will be interesting to see how many uses I actually get out of a bottle.  Now I can hear you North Americans sniggering in the back, I know you have had nail polish removers like this for like forever.  I even bought some 15 years ago to bring home with me as this simple concept had yet to grace our shores.  You can buy other dip and twists in the stores, not many, but you can.  But in terms of actual speed and delivery of claims, it delivers.  And you can’t say fairer than that!

What do you think?  Would you buy it?  What other removers are worth their weight in gold?