Spotted! New range in Superdrug! 

I saw this new range in two of my local Superdrug stores.  Lots of interesting things going on here…  The full Lottie range is on the Superdrug website now.  The polishes look cute, a good mix of cremes and glitters.  RRP £5.99 each.   Have you seen this range in your local store, did you pick anything up?  Let me know in the comments!

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Spotted! Updated Maybelline Color Show Stands 

Further to my quick post on the new Maybelline Color Show All Access NY top coats, I’ve now seen a fully updated stand.  Seems that we are only getting the black and red toppers, not the others as seen in Europe as on the Gemey-Maybelline Site here.

First up, a close up of the red and white topper.  Yes there are hearts in there.

Below is that stand has has the inserts updated.  You can clearly see the two names.  Also note that the Color Show bottles have been updated with 60 Seconds on them…Moving along the display, you are see there are more than the two Dr Rescue products I saw in another stand.  Seems there are four of them – from left, All in One, Gel Effect Top Coat, Base Coat and SOS Balm.  Curious to see what that last one, the Superdrug website doesn’t help.

Did you pick up any of these this weekend?  Let me know what you’ve spotted in the comments!

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Spotted! New Maybelline Color Show All Access NY & Dr Rescue!

Just popping this post up in case any of you are off shopping today and fancy some new nail stuff!  Having spotted them on European blogs, the UK is seeing the arrival of the Color Show All Access NY Top Coats.  So far, I’ve only seen the black one.  But lovely Briege over at Rare Opal has seen the red on and has bought them both!  Also seen are new Dr Rescue nail products, an all in one and a gel top coat.

YES – this is square glitter!!          Boots seems to still be in a 3 for 2 promotion so now would be a good time to pick these up!  Have you seen these about?  Let me know in the comments!

Spotted – Revlon The Sahara Escape Collection Spring/Summer 2015

Passing my local Boots, I noted that the Revlon stand had been updated with the new Sahara Escape Collection.  Six items in total, one polish.      

I didn’t see any Limited Edition wording and the nail polish had also been inserted into the main polish displays.  As its marked up as Spring Summer 2015, I wonder if we might be a release for Summer.  Guess we will see!

Anything catch your eye?  Let me know in the comments!

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Spotted! New to the High Street HEMA

Oh my word!  Consider this a PSA!  I was visiting my family over Easter when we popped into Kingston Upon Thames for some shopping and lunch.  Lo and behold they have a HEMA!!!  I love HEMA, their homewares and stationary are to die for, plus their kids ranges are excellent – however they were only in Europe.  But did you know they also did beauty?  Well they do.  And now they have UK stores, three to be exact, but they also SHIP THEIR WHOLE RANGE via the website here….

I took some sneaky pics so you can get a sense of the range.  I previously review a holo polish on the blog here.

         You can see the price point is pretty good, in line with places like KIKO and Barry M.

The full Beauty section can be accessed here, but my top picks are the Dots Top Coats and this gorgeous orange….

I really hope HEMA crack the UK market and start opening more stores soon, particularly outside of London.  Have you visited on of the HEMA stores?  Did you get any polish?  Let me know what you think in the comments.

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Spotted! Essence pop up store now open in Manchester!

Whoop!  Finally Essence hits the UK in a big way.  After a launch in four Wilkos stores and much talk of a soon to happen expansion of the range across the UK, Manchester Arndale Centre gets its own Essence Pop Up Store.  Lots of pics for you to look at below and some more info on the store.20140612-085527-32127335.jpg

As you can see, there is a wide range of Essence make up – from polish to eye pencils and glittery shadows.  If you are familiar with Essence from the continent, then you will be familiar with the layout.  The central inserts have the trend editions which are the monthly (or thereabouts) limited edition releases.20140612-085525-32125718.jpgHere you can see the extensive nail range, from base coats and toppers, to glitters and cremes,  plus nail art kits and introductory stamping kits. The range is available for viewing on the website too! Click here.


On the left here you can see the gel nails at home kits – complete the USB powered gel nail lamp.  A snip at £19.99!20140612-085657-32217121.jpg

This pop also had the current Trend Edition on it – in this case Beach Crusiers, a collection of beachey shades and glittery textured polishes. (better image below)20140612-085708-32228139.jpgThen I took some close ups of the trend editions for you – this one is Bloom me up!



They also had the Brasil trend edition out in the main stand.  I have to say, I am quite impressed, a good range and the price point is superb. Most polishes start about £1.49, I got some eyeliners at £1.99 each and a top coat for £1.99, so you can make your money go quite far and pick up some shades or looks that you might have avoided before.

Spotted! – New Maybelline Super Stay, Barry M Matte & Gelly Summer 2014, Dior Kingdom of Colour, L’Oreal, Maybelline Color Show Nudes & Mardi Gras by Collection

A few things to keep you ticking over this week – first up new shades in the Maybelline Super Stay range, 6 in total, 3 in Megawatt and 3 in pastel shades.  Eying up that orange!20140605-100011-36011039.jpg

The new pastel shades.

20140605-100012-36012801.jpgMy local Boots finally has the new Bary M Matte Collection….

20140605-100204-36124916.jpg…and the Summer 2014 Barry M Gelly Polishes.

20140605-100212-36132948.jpgI popped into Selfridges too, because you never know if Chanel Summer 2014 will hit early (its hadn’t!) but there is an exclusive range from Dior called Kingdom of colour.  Four shades of polish here, including a pearl top coat.  Shades are 428 Sienna, 237 Milly 257 Incognito and 129 Femme Fleur (I think!)


Updated cosmetic stands include new inserts with the new L’Oreal Confetti Top Coats (I review Graffiti D’Amour here) and Jeans Effect polishes in…..

20140605-100238-36158991.jpg….and Maybelline Color Show inserts for more new nude shades?  These are either new or re-promotes from the core range, but the Stripped Nudes Collection only had four shades in it and two of them were glitter…..

20140605-100351-36231098.jpgAnd then finally for your viewing pleasure, updates to the Collection (Or Collection2000) stand with a summer collection.  Image below shows the art work – the lippies are not like colour washes you get in Baby Lips and not creme colour.  Hence green, yellow and orange shades.


So, there we go.  A few new things to keep your eyes out for this week.  Let me know if you spot anything else that is new or pick up anything!

New Things I Have Spotted – More new L’Oreal Colour Riche Polishes

A quick update on the new L’Oreal glitter polishes we saw last week – seems there are actually three in the range. In larger stands I have now seen a pink and red matte glitter mix. 20140518-110307-39787614.jpg
Then MORE new L’Oreal in the form of these Jeans Effects. Although there is only three shown in the following pics I can confirm that there are two blues and two pinks available in what looks like a micro collection of four.  I am drawn to that orange/yellow on and may have to purchase before the 3 for 2 (running in both Boots and Superdrug) ends.
Missing shade 861 is a pale blue colour.  For conparisons on the US editions, you can check out this post on Nouveau Cheap.

So there you go MUCH excitement in the updated L’Oreal stands. I am NOT a fan of these skinny UK L’Oreal bottles and wish we had the same square ones as the US.  But that might just be me! Anything catch your eye?

Spotted! July 2014 edition of Harpers Bazaar to have a free nail polish

Just a heads up because I love all my readers. To confirm it’s the UK edition (sorry non UK readers)



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New Things I Have Spotted – new L’Oreal Top Coat Confettis, Miss Sporty Textured Polishes & BeautyUK gets a revamp

Some new spots for you today – first up, a new entry into the L’Oreal stand in my local Boots.  I’ve only seen this once, so keep checking, it will be there soon!  Not on the UK L’Oreal website either.20140512-114107.jpgHere you can see the shade numbers, 928 and 927….


Miss Sporty have jumped onto the textured bandwagon with three new textured shades. Again, nothing on their website yet.



And then, BeautyUK have had a facelift.  Lovely looking new bottles.  Really eye catching and attractive.  Their website is updated with the new 22 piece flagship collection.



So there you go, a few new things.  Anything catch your eye?