365 Days of Color – Soak Up The Sun

I’ve got a little beauty for you today from 365 Days of Color, Sunny the creative mind behind 362 Days, runs a blog alongside her great shop of polishes, balms and oils.

This is soak up the sun, a glitter bomb of a polish, in a lovely sea foam green.  Its simply lovely. Here comes the pics….

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Above is three thin coats of polish over Essie all-in-one base and a good top coat of Seche Vite.  Within the seafoam green polish are glitters in gold, silver, blue, purple, pink, red, black and orange.  Everytime the light catches it it looks different, its super pretty and I love it.  I got lots of comments about how cute it was.

I bought mine directly from the website along with some lovely balms. Minis are $4.50 and full size are $8, such a great price.  New collections are regularly released so it is well worth checking the site out every few weeks or follow the Facebook page.

Do check out the Halloween Collection as it is amazing!


Catrice – Khaki Perry

A bit of an odd duck.  That is what this polish is.  An odd duck.  I have stolen this phrase from my wonderful Polish Twin, Adina, who oversees the fabulous stule/life/writing blog Blue Collar, Red Lipstick.  I can think of no better explanation.

This is a Catrice polish, from Europe, and its an odd odd colour.  Its not quite green, its not quite khaki and its not quite gold.  To be honest, I think I love the name of this (and I do love how catrice name their polishes) but not so sold on the colour.

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That said, the formula on this one was pretty good, I was a bit concerned because it does lean a bit to a frost, but worry not.  Three thin coats make sure no brush strokes are evident.  Drying time is excellent and I do like these wider Catrice brushes. They are quite similar in nature to the Dior wide flat brush and if you can’t get all your paint on in one stroke, you will with two.  Whilst Khaki might not be the best description, its akin in colour to a lightly colour moss, a kind of pale metalised silver green.

Catrice is only available in Mainland Europe and Ireland, nor can you buy then online.  Still puzzled as to why this is the case, because they have a super range and fantastic pricing.  I hope that one day soon we will

Wet N Wild Megalast – Disturbia

So here we have the last in another small run of Megalast polishes. I’m not going to wax lyrical about how amazing these are, because I’ve done that in every other Wet N Wild Megalast related post.

Disturbia is a deep, rich purple shimmer polish. In the bottle the shimmer is very apparent however this does not translate onto the nail – which is a shame.

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Formula was excellent, a good consistency with fantastic coverage and drying time. What you see above is three thin coats. Base was Seche Retain and top coated with Hong Kong Girl.

L.O.V.E it so very much!

Wet N Wild cosmetics are not widely available in the UK. You can find end of lines and the odd polish at Cosmetic resellers. Newer lines are not easily found outside the US. If you want to depress yourself by looking at all the lovelies online, click here

Nicole by OPI – Listen to Your Mom-ager

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One polish, two looks is the name of todays post.  First up we have a Kardashian Kolor polish from their first run of polishes.  Listen to Your Mom-ager is a lovely, royal blue with a shimmer and a foil like quality to it.  In the bottle it screams majestic colour.  What you see above are two good coats of polish.  It had a good consistency and flows well off the brush.  Drying time was average, but a good coat of Hong Kong Girl top coat made it rock hard in minutes.  I really love it, I have other blues in my collection but nothing quite as blue intense as this.

Anyway, after a couple of days, I decided to put some glitter over the mani to make it last a bit longer as I loved the colour.  What you can see in the images is Sonnetarium Snowflake, a lovely lovely, glitter top coat.  Made up of white glitter, small sparkles and general loveliness.  This is one coat over my Listen to Your Mon-ager mani.  Love it, can’t wait to get this over more polishes.

And finally, a word of caution.  Despite base coating, I experience significant staining with Listen to Your Momager.  Serious staining, I was close to tears.  However, two runs of polish remover and a bit of buffing, all was good in the nail world.

In the UK, Kardashian Kolors can be bought through Lena White for £9.  Sonnetarium is available through their Etsy Shop and prices vary depending on the bottle size and shipping.  If you live outside the US, then do contact the store to make arrangements for purchasing.

Any suggestions for what I could try Snowfall over next?

Sinful Colors – Lying Nails

I recently undertook another swap with a US based polish lover from one of my Facebook groups.  We agreed an amount and then went for it (within agreed polish loves and hates), I got several new Sinful Colors Nail Polishes, here are the couple I have already posted.  If you have never seen these before, they tend to retail in the US for about $2, every so often, there is a half price sale and all of the are $0.99.  They do some great colours and some of them are dupes for polishes that are no longer available.

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The formula on this was amazing, this is two coats and I seriously almost left it at one.  It was flawless.  Rich, not too runny, and as you can see above, a wonderful rich red.  The pictures seriously do not do it justice – the colour is very rich and has a slight depth of shimmer to it.  I used Seche Retain as my base and my Hong Kong Girl Top Coat.

I’ll let you into a little secret, this is three days later, because I completely forgot to take any pictures.  You can see a little bit of tip wear but actually I am quite impressed.  I know not all SC polishes are like this, so some are winners and some just aren’t.

I have seen the odd SC polish pop up in market stalls and cheap polish resellers in the UK, usually some of the older lines and certainly not the more popular shades.

Do you have any SC that you would recommend?

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Color Club Magnetic – Cop An Attitude

Now here is something we haven’t had for a while on PN&BS – a magnetic nail polish! ( I know we had one last week 😉 )

This one was part of a swap and is made by Color Club. I’ve recently noticed Color Club cropping up in TK Maxx and Sally Beauty so it would seem its getting more available to us UK girls (and boys).

Like with most magnetic polish, this one is quite thick, however I find these tend to be better than those with thinner formulas. The colour is lovely too, a burnished orange, and once magnetised the colour changes subtly. I used my magnet from my Nails Inc Spitalfields as I wanted to see what the fishnet pattern would look like. I think it makes it look lovely.

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I always do one thick coat on all my nails and then do the second coat one by one. I find its best to work quickly, paint your nail and get the magnet over it quickly. The longer you hold the magnet over, the better the impression. I did note that after a few hours the pattern was not as distinct as when it was first done.

Next time I am going to try the star magnet on this colour, I really like it and the wear (after a coat of my still beloved Hong Kong Girl) was really good. I don’t think I will ever get tired of magnetic polish as it appeals to my inner geek!

As I mentioned, you can buy the Magnetic Force Collection from Sally Beauty in the UK by visiting this page for £7.99 each. I’m sure there are other eTailers out there too.

Sonia Kashuk – Fairy Princess

A very quick post for you today to show you a polish I received in a swap with the lovely Marissa from You Had Me at Make Up. Her blog is great so I recommend popping by.

I first saw this polish on Vampy Varnish and I couldn’t get it out of my mind.  Sonia Kashuk Fairy Princess is a minty green creme with a blue shimmer.  You can see it in the bottle and I’m delighted to say it translates well onto the nail.

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The colour looks great on the nail, its soft yet bold all at the same time.  I think the inclusion of the shimmer makes this really unusual.  Formula was also great, I was a bit worried it would be a bit on the sheer side, but three thin coats later and its completely opaque.  Drying time and wear were also excellent.  A couple of days later, I topped it with my one and only Lynnderella polish, Attitude Adjust Mint.  It refreshed my mani nicely and you could still see the shimmer peeking out from under the glitter.  I quite like this combo!

I used Seche Retain for my base and Hong Kong Girl for the top coat.  I put the Lynderella directly over the top coat and then applied another coat for sealing.  It was a bit thick, but it looked so nice.

I’ll take any suggestions for nice underwear for my Lynnderella and I’d love to know if you have ever seen Sonia Kashuk make up in the UK.

Barry M – Super Nova (NP347)

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Wow. Lookey here at what I found today at the Barry M stand!! New magnetic polishes in a range of lovely colours! I know lots of people are now firmly over magnetics but the science geek in me claps her hands loudly whenever I use them on my nails.

There are five in the new range, Super Nova (silver/black), Moon Dust (brown/silver), Neptune Sea (blue/green) and Venus Sunset (purple/gold). There is a lot of sparkly packed into these bottles let me tell you!

The first coat of this polish looks like a plain, silver polish with a bit of sparkle. Then hold the striped magnetic over and POW. Lines. Really clear black lines with copper and sparkle accent. I could not believe the effect. Seriously amazeballs. You can see in the images above one nail before effect.

I used a new-to-me Essie All in One Base coat and my Hong Kong Girl Top Coat to keep it intact. Its best to wait until the polish is set a bit before banging on your top coat. It does smudge slightly otherwise. Formula on this Barry M is fabulous! Good coverage, I did one coat and then a thick second before holding the magnet over the nail. Do them one at the time and you will be fine.

The other thing I love it that the magnet is quite wide and with the being a simple pattern, you can gently rock the magnet to get full nail coverage with minimal silver edging at the sides. Bonus, I hate a small magnet that leaves a little strip of effect up the centre of the nail.

I got my Barry M’s in SuperDrug, where you can currently get 2 for £8, otherwise they are £4.99 each. You can also buy them online at this page on the Barry M website.


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Wet N Wild Megalast – Heatwave

Yet more Megalasts!  You lucky lucky people.  This is by far the best range from Wet N Wild and worth every cent in my humble opinion. (closely followed by the recently issued Fergie Collection of which I have a few that you will see shortly) but bear with me as we only have ONE more after this one… just one!

This Megalast is a hot, juicy, orange with a red underbelly that is so very perfect for summer regardless of how good your weather is!  Its a fab colour, super saturated and intense.  Definitely in the BRIGHTS category

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The formula on this one is good, not the best in the range by any means, so a bit of care is needed.  My brush was slightly wobbly (and I’ve seen worse ones on other blogs) so that took a bit of getting used to.  What you see above is three, relatively thin coats, really to provide a more even coat of colour.  It levelled well and dries at an average speed.  Wary of nail staining I double case coated with Seche Retain and CND Stickey.  I used Hong Kong Girl Top Coat (soon going to need some more….)

As we know, Wet N Wild Megalasts are only available in the US, unless you have a US Polish Pal ship them to you.  I cannot tell you how much I want WnW in the UK market… oh I have already??  Sorry, getting repetitive in my old age… 😉

Nicole by OPI – Its All About The Glam

Yet more habit breaking here… another light colour *gasp* what I have to show you today is another Nicole by OPI Kardashian Kolor polish.  This is a lovely, white, with an understated shimmer.  I’ve had this one knocking about for a bit and pulled it out of the stash.

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The formula is not bad, it can be a bit gloopy, but what you can see here is four thin coats to build up opacity.  It dried well between coats and all you need is a bit of patience.  The shimmer is very subtle but works well when we have *cough* sun in the UK, which isn’t often let me assure you.  Base was CND Stickey and top coat is my beloved Hong Kong Girl.


L to R; Chanel Attraction, Nicole by OPI It’s All About The Glam

So, a quite comparison for you, with the only other white in my collection.  Attraction is pearlescent against the shimmer of Its All About the Glam.  And Attraction has a very discrete pink tone.  So not the same.  Nope.  Not at all….

In the UK, Kardashian Kolor’s can be purchased through Lena White where they will set you back £9

Would you wear a white like this?