New Things I Have Spotted #38 – Fish Egg Manicure Kits, Nail Polish Strips, Bourjois, Accessorise, MUA, Miss Sporty, W7 and more….

Its been a busy few days this week, so I grabbed the chance to go for a wander after work and see what new polish has hit our local stores.  So buckle up, there has been a few new releases!

First up we have new Bourjois Precious Metals Polishes, very similar in colour to the recent metallic releases from Essie.


New polish effects from 17 in Boots.  These are their Christmas Releases, all limited and both polishes look super lovely.




Finally, the cheaper version of a fish egg mani. These are MUA Nail Constellations. I’ve been waiting for these for ages.  And now they are here, great price point at £3 each.


Then, also in Boots at the No7 counter, I noticed the new Deco Darling Collection.  Two glitter top coats and a dark grey creme polish.  Lovely.  The whole range is nice actually, well worth a look.



Next, something I have been noticing more of, more nail polish strips.  This time by Maybelline.



And then some more by Miss Sporty.  Also note below the new sparkle touch colour, which is fuchsia pink with red undertones.




More fish egg manicure kits, this time from Accessorise. Available in three colours.  Good price point as this one includes a polish at £5.


THEN, I know, nearly there bear with me.  I popped into TK Maxx and they have lots and lots and lots of nail polish sets.  Lots of Nails Inc, Leighton Denny, Barielle and Essie.  And now W7.  Look below for a couple that caught my eye.



So there you have it.  Lots of new product available for yourself or the nail polish lover in your life.

Anything catch you eye??


New Things I have Spotted #36 – Maybelline and Accesorize

New Maybelline polishes spotted earlier this week in my local Superdrug.  All in metallic shades, I’ve not tried any Maybelline, any thoughts on them?20121008-190147.jpg

And then excitingly I spotted new sprinkle polishes from Accessorize, lots of different colourways, but some of these will be dupes for the Nails Inc Sprinkles and the W7 Sprinkles (some of which are dupes of each other as well…..)  Not a bad price point £3.45 each



And then, colour  me HOLO!  New 17 Holo nail polish.  Polly Polish has some comparisons with GOSH Holo worth checking out here.


New Things I Have Spotted #33

We are well into the new school year now, the traffic is getting busier and busier and very soon the local unversities return and I know that public transport will be busting at the seams when they do.  Feels a long way from the idyllic commute I had over the summer.  That said, I still find time over lunch on on the way home to pop into local stores to see what is new.

Below are some of my recent Spots.  Enjoy and do let me know if you buy anything new and exciting.

20120910-104328.jpgNew white capped Revlon Brilliant Strength, lots of lovely colours and finishes to be found here.  This display was in the biggest Boots store.


20120910-104341.jpgNew glitter polishes by Beauty UK on the end caps in my local Superdrug. I spy bar glitter in these!!!


New Autumn colours from 17 in Boots.


Any finally, lovely new Jewel coloured nail polishes in Marks and Spencer.  These are Ltd Edition so if you fancy them, get going as they don’t appear to be on their website.  But check out that cute Owl Eye Pallette too.

Anything catch your eye or Spotted anything new and exciting?  Hit me up in the comments below

New Things I have Spotted #22 – 17 in Boots and Summer mix Dior

Just a very quick Spotted! for you below.

Firstly, new 3 polish nail kits by 17 in Boots.  One is Red, White and Blue.  The other is Silver, Gold and Bronze.




Dior Summer Mix is now out at all Dior Counters.

Magnetic Nails

I simply adore magnetic nail varnish, I think its very clever and provides a simple and easily achieve nail art look.  Since they first started to trickle into the UK I began to watch with envy what became available across the pond in the US.  Thankfully, a polish picking princess came to my rescue and provide me with some of the 4 ICING MAGENTIX nail polishes that have been on many a US blog, see The PolishAholic

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There are many pics above, firstly of my growing collection and then a look at the colours that might be the same.  Thankfully, having compared them all, I can say that they colours are different.  The ICING ones have glitter in them and the 17/FashionistA ones are shimmery with no glitter.

So we can all breathe a sigh of relief that I have no duplicates and can justify keeping them all!

In terms of formula, I’ve previously posted about the red FashionistA Magnetic Nail polish, but the ICING one was quite thick.  It wasn’t helped by the fact the brush was a bit wonky.  Once I had figured out how to used the brush I could put on one fairly thick coat followed swiftly by the magnet, one nail at a time.  The wavy magnetic with the ICING ones is lovely, I couldn’t get a clear pic, but again you can see the effect very clearly on The PolishAholic.  The magnetic worked very well, I was pleased with it.

For great troubleshooting tips, check out Scrangie’s trouble shooting guide.

In the UK you can get your magnetic nail polish from Nails Inc, 17 for Boots and FashionistA in SuperDrug.  China Glaze now also do a range available online.  Icing is a US and Canada based store that does much more than polish.

New recipes and New Nail Trends

I’ve been bitten by the new nail trend – magnetic nail polish.  I’m completely suckered in by the fact it moves to make these lovely swirls and lines, if you are very lucky you can actually watch it move!

I have bought the four available from 17, from my nearest humungous Boots, but there are various makes and multiple reviews out there, such as Nails Inc, LCN who seem to be US based and the lovely looking Layla Magnetic, here reviewed by Michelle at All Lacquered Up. On having had a look about what is available to us girls in the UK, I have noted (and I’m sure I am not alone, at the similarity between the Nails Inc bottles and those from 17.  Considering the former retails at £13 and the latter at £5.99, I’ll leave it to you to make your mind up!

Plus, a quick google and a look on Pampered & Polished reveals that Superdrug are off into the Magnetic Polish line too…. great colours!

I do find it quite tricky to get the polish on and then hold the magnet over it.  I have noticed that if you put the coats on too thick, the polish is actually pulled towards the magnet and can leave a rather noticeable bump.  Having done this twice now, I think its best to do one coat on all the nails and then do a second followed by the magnet almost instantly.  Patience and practice ladies will be needed!

Magnetic Nails Try 1 - This is 17 Magnetic Nails in Silver

On the baking front I have also been rather busy.  After last weekend Coca Cola Cupcakes, I made a Chocolate and Banana bread, which was divine.  I am now, however, hooked on the beautiful baking goddess that is Lorraine Pascal and I am just about to start on her marshmallow fudge recipe. Plus her new Home Cooking Made Easy Book looks to DIE FOR!  I’ll post pics and a receipe overview in my next post.