Spotted! New Bourjois, 2True Go Matte Top Coat & GOSH Shade of Grey Stardusy Polishes

Alrightly, a number of updated stands to share with you today.  First up, new insert in the Bourjois stand for nail polish only.20140701-203632-74192207.jpg As you can see above, three sections to the new insert.  On the left Colour Block – no new shades.

20140701-203641-74201023.jpgIn the middle section, glitter Texture with two new shades.  Oh My Gold and Champagne Shower.  Its worth noting that the shade above ISN’T Champagne Shower, but just one put there to made the stand look full.  I couldn’t find it anywhere.

IMG_6039And then the final section on the right – pretty pastels, with one new shade Peace and Mauve (not pictured)


Then I saw this (above) in the 2True stand.  Looks like room for some other bits around the go… matte top coat.

20140701-203732-74252926.jpgFinally, a new edition to the GOSH stand hot on the heels of the Facebook Favourites!  Now I do think that these polishes do not belong in this stand (but they work as they are grey-ish) so looks like a range of grey polishes to come along.   These ones are called Stardust.

20140701-203751-74271269.jpgHere are the names of the new shades.

20140701-203748-74268961.jpgAnd then I can only apologise fort he blurry picture – I was trying to be discrete whilst minding a child and holding several hair products…. don’t ask! But you can see the glittery goodness.  Maybe another textured polish??

Anyway, that is all for this Spotted!  Anything catch your eye?  Let me know in the comments!


New Things I Have Spotted #64 – Maybelline Color Show Brocades & 2True Sequins & Nail Glitters

My excitement knows no limits!  Look at these fabulous Color Show Broacade polishes!!  As usual in the UK we have four in our limited editions and in the US there are TEN little beauties.  You can see all the US versions on Nouveau Cheap or on the official US Maybelline site.20131105-182528.jpg

As you can see, there are four colourways. Silver, a gold with pinky glitter, a black and a red.


Needless to say, all four have come home with me thanks to a great 3 for 2 available in both Boots and Superdrug.  No sign on them on the UK websites yet, but the Vintage Leather Effects are available on Superdug here and those were the last limited editions.

20131105-182547.jpgI I also saw for the first time, the new 2True Sequin Polishes (like textures) and their nail glitters.  Sequins are £4 each, again on 3 for 2 at Superdrug.


Then I saw these Nail Glitters.  Nothing new, but they are having a bit of a resurgence as a good way of making your nails look a bit different. AND LOOK AT THOSE PAPER LASHES – cute huh?


Anyway, Brocade swatches to follow in the next week or so.  Let me know what has caught your eye and if you have seen anything new we need to know about.

New Things I Have Spotted #53 – TK Maxx Spottings, L’Oreal, 2True, Maybelline Color Show Brights & Nudes, No7 and Bourjois

I’ve seen a few things work sharing, so lets just jump straight in….

First up, OPI Mini Set sin TK Maxx.  I have no idea why the image won’t turn around the right way, but its clear enough for you to see.  They had these two (Outragous Neons and Minnie Mouse) but they had the Halloween sets too and a couple of Euro ones.



Then, whilst is Superdrug, I spotted the new Bold Brights and Classic Nudes from Maybelline Color Show.  Nice colours, not sure I’d call them brights myself but I haven’t tried them.


Also in Superdrug, new from 2true a polish range called Metallica.  Label says they are a chrome finish, not a bad price point at £4 and there was a 3 for 2 instore as well.


L’Oreal are pushing the boat out, publishing their nail ranges.  They have some of their new summer brights, some top coats and some nice cremes.


Then, whilst in Boots, I spotted the new double ended polishes.  Nicely paired combo.


Finally, some nice close ups of the new Bourjois Laser Top Coats.  Nice, everytime I see them I am a little closer to picking one (or all three up!)



New Things I Have Spotted #48 – George at Asda, Kate Moss for Rimmel, Barry M and 2True

A few things to show you in this edition of Spotted!

First up, yet more of those Caviar Bead things, this time from George at Asda. You know a trend has crossed into the mainstream when you can pick it up with your fruit and veg.


Then, the new Salon Pro Kate Moss polishes.  Lots of usual colour lines here, nothing that screams BUY ME NOW, although the formula could be awesome.  Not sign of them yet on the Rimmel website.


Bottle Shots here.


Then the Barry M Nail Art Pens that are getting bloggers all excited.  Available now on the Superdrug website for £.499 each.


Finally. MORE of those Nail Caviar things and new Salon Shine polishes from 2True.  At first glance I thought someone had misplaced the Gelly Barry M’s but no. Its a new line. Salon Shines are £4 and 3D Candy Art are £3 each.


So there you have it, some new things in the stores now.  What’s fallen into your basket?

New Things I have Spotted #8 – Nails Inc, 2true, GOSH & YSL

It was a nice day today, we popped into the city to mooch about and visit a couple of art things.  For once, we were able to walk about town without the rain we have been having almost non stop since Tuesday.  Hurrah.  More importantly, there are some new nail polishes out.

First up is Nails Inc and their Nail Jewellery, they retail at £11 each.  Really cute and SUPER sparkly, I was tempted.

Next up is 2true, a range I haven’t given much thought to as it is on a turning stand in SuperDrug.  I need to rectify this asap. 8 new shades available, inlcuding a lovely lavender/blue with a hint of a shimmer, Tee Dee over at Cute-tickle Nails has swatches


Then four new GOSH polishes, a cream/vanilla, an orange with a hint of shimmer, an aqua and olive gold.  Lovely, quite tempted with the orange, but I’m holding off on oranges for a while since my Polish Twim has been FAR too nice to me… 😉


And last, but my no means least, a new range of polishes in heavy seemingly HUGE bottles YSL.  Again I was drawn to the orange and that blue, so much like IKB.  There is one next to the top coat that is VERY similar to Dior’s Or Tzarina 916 No idea of price point, but I reckon about £16 or so,  if not £18 like Chanel.