A England – Dragon

I just bought my first ever a-england nail polish and boy am I one happy camper.  There are already a large number of blogs highlighting the amazing new Legends collection, including Fashion Polish, The Swatchaholic, Scrangie and Vampy Varnish.

Dragon is a beautiful green shade, a holographic delight.  Its not been very sunny around these parts over the past few days and I am itching to see this glisten in the sun.  Formula wise, this was completely flawless.  Smooth, easy to control and self levelling.  No issues with smell from the polish.  And it dried so quickly!  I was able to base, paint 2 coats and top coat within 25 mins.

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In the images above you can see the colour it looks under normal lighting conditions.  Its a darkish, bottle green and you can see a hint of something wonderful.  Under artificial lights, POW! This baby comes alive.  Above I took a shot with a flash so you can see the multidimensional appearance.  I’m quite a fan of the colour full stop and in fact had two comments from colleagues on the richness of it.  I can’t wait to get my hands on some more!!